September 9, 2016

Low Carbon Ferro-Manganese (LC FeMn)


Low Carbon Ferro Manganese (LC FeMn) is product of the blast furnace containing 70.0% to 75.0% of manganese with carbon content varying from 0.5% max to 1.0% max.

It is used as a de-oxidizer for manufacturing of 18-8 Austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel for the introduction of manganese into steel without increasing the carbon content. By adding the manganese as LC FeMn instead of HC FeMn, approximately 82% to 95% less carbon is added to the steel. LC FeMn is also used for producing E6013 electrodes and in casting industries

Vulcan Alloys currently produces following grades of Low Carbon Ferro Manganese

Chemical Specification LC FeMn 1 LC FeMn 2
Manganese (Mn) 70.0% to 75.0% 70.0% to 75.0%
Silicon (Si) 8.0% max 8.0% max
Carbon (C) 0.5% max 1.0% max
Phosphorus (P) 0.35% max 0.35% max
Sulphur (S) 0.03% max 0.03% max
Size Lumps / Powder Lumps / Powder
Packaging 50 Kg HDPE bags / Jumbo bags 50 Kg HDPE bags / Jumbo bags